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Building and Designing for Better Health, Wellness, and Sleep

Learn More About Wisconsin's Healthiest Home including a virtual tour of the home.

"All air quality parameters collected in this residence substantially surpassed expectations. The low levels of VOCs, Formaldehyde, particle counts, and EMF levels are unprecedented and very difficult to achieve in new construction which makes this home well-suited for anyone with environmental sensitivities or for discerning individuals who understand the significant benefits of such a home on health and well-being."

Martine Davis, Indoor Environmental Testing Inc.

A typical New Home Construction Project, utilizing our base level of "Step Beyond Green to Healthy" principles (building healthier homes to live in) can start at around $180 per square foot range. Those customers requiring the highest level of finishes and/or healthy design features can exceed $250 or more per square foot. These costs do not factor in site improvements or land, as those costs are variable. The range is given as a guide for the building of the home structure alone.

Our team of designers, project managers, suppliers, and loyal trade contractors offer a unified team approach to the new home design/build process. As a “Step Beyond Green To Healthy” partner, we offer an additional and unique approach to this process by offering our customers healthy material choices and building processes, which sets us apart from all other home builders. Our goal is to create comfortable and healthier homes for you and your family. Whether you have a lot or you need help finding a new lot to build on in southeastern Wisconsin, our team is ready to serve you.