When you decide it’s time to renovate your home, do you stay, or do you go? There are pros and cons to choosing to live in your home or deciding to move out while a major project takes place. “While getting out of the way might seem like an attractive option, staying in your house can make the whole construction process from start to finish less costly and complex,” said David Kallie, MCR, CKBR, CAPS, president and CEO of Dimension Inc.

There are ways to survive your remodel, even though it may be a stressful journey:  

Be ready for dust and dirt.

With any home renovation project comes dirt and dust. While contractors do their best to keep dust under control, it may invade different areas of the house. If you are remodeling part of your home, keep other doors closed and use plastic sheeting to protect furniture or other valuables. “While dust is a temporary nuisance, you can be assured that Dimension has incorporated healthy materials, products, and methods in our design build process,” David said. “Our top priority is your family’s health.”

Create alternative plans for bathroom, kitchen, and living spaces.

There are spaces you just can’t live without: bathrooms, first and foremost, followed by the kitchen. If you are renovating one bathroom, use another one if possible and design a schedule for use. Make the lack of a kitchen an excuse to order out and buy plenty of nonperishable food items. Finally, if you have kids and/or pets, be sure that at least one room is available to them for play.

Ride the emotional rollercoaster.

Worry and stress are normal when work is being done on your home. Will the project be completed in time? Will it turn out the way you hoped? “Your project manager will communicate with you throughout the process about what to expect to reduce stress,” said David. “You will also experience joy as you watch the progress of the project in real time with our Buildertrend computer software!”

Partner with Dimension.

The most important part of the remodeling process is the relationship with your contracting partner and your communication with the team. “Any problems that may arise are handled amongst the team,” David said. “We believe in trust and partnership as we work with you to create a great space.”

When choosing to renovate your home, the Dimension team is your go-to source. We have a passion for remodeling and will work to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. Call us today at 262-402-6602 or complete our contact form to get started.